An Introduction to Self-Exclusion

Self-exclusion is a fantastic self-help tool provided to you by Gambling Operators in England, Scotland and Wales. You must ask the gambling provider to exclude you from their form of gambling, this can be done for a certain length of time, usually 6-12 months but some schemes offer longer.

All Gambling providers in Britain must offer a self-exclusion scheme. This can be what is called ‘Single Site’ an exclusion just from that venue, or it can be ‘Multi-site’ across many venues, including those from different providers.

There are 5 key gambling sectors in Britain, each has its own self-exclusion scheme, currently the schemes do not interact with each other. This can be quite confusing to the untrained eye, hopefully here you will find the information to enable you to make a decision to get the support you, a friend or family member needs.

Gambling Channels Explained


Land-based Gambling Premises

Offline refers to a gambling premises you can physically visit. This can be an arcade, bingo hall, betting shop or casino.

Each of the land-based sectors offer their own self-exclusion scheme and all individual operators will offer single-site self-exclusion. Schemes can be accessed in a variety of different ways. Each sector is described in more detail below.


Online Gambling Providers

Online gambling is any kind of gambling conducted on the internet.

The are many variations of online gambling such as, but not limited to, Poker, Bingo, Slots or Sport Betting. All online sites licensed by the Gambling Commission must operate an exclusion scheme for their site but also participate in the online gambling self-exclusion scheme called Gamstop.

Gambling Sectors Explained
Adult Gaming Centres

These premises are often referred to as Arcades, but importantly an Adult Gaming Centre is a venue strictly limited to over 18s only.

Adult Gaming Centres offer gaming machines, slots, as their main gambling channel.

You will usually find these premises on the High Street, at the seaside or a Motorway Service Area.

You can self-exclude from a single venue or many venues inside a defined radius.

Click below for more information on how to exclude from an Adult Gaming Centre.

Betting Shops

Betting Shops can be found on most High Streets of Britain, there are currently around 7000 in operation. These premises are also over 18s only

The main gambling offered in a Betting Shop is sports betting (Horse Racing and Football) but also the offer many other sports, virtual events and some Slots too.

You can exclude from a single Betting Shop or as many as you wish in an area to suit your needs

Click the button below for more information on how to exclude from a Betting Shop.

Bingo Venues

Bingo Halls are strictly over 18 premises and operate Bingo, played on paper or electronically as well as a Slots offering.

There about 300 Bingo Halls in Britain and can be found in most cities. Some AGCs also have Bingo licenses, as do a number of Holiday Parks.

The Bingo Self-Exclusion scheme is a National scheme, therefore includes all venues. You can exclude from a single venue if you choose too

Click the button below for more information on how to exclude from a Bingo Hall.


Casinos are Over 18 premises which operate in most Cities of England, Scotland and Wales.

They offer table games such as Roulette & Blackjack, large jackpot slots and electronic table games too

The Casino scheme is a national scheme covering all Casinos which participate in the scheme

Click the button below for more information on how to exclude from a Casino.

Family Entertainment Centres

Family Entertainment Centres (FEC’s) are a place for fun and games. Historically found at the seaside you will now find FEC’s in City Centres, as part of a bowling alley or cinema too.

There is not a self-exclusion scheme in place for FEC’s

If you feel you need help or to talk to someone about FEC’s, then please click the button below to see the links to care providers.

Lottery Outlets

Lotteries are an over 18 activity, with the current exception of scratch cards which are age 16 and over. You can buy lottery tickets at over 40,000 retailers on the High Street.

Currently there is not a self-exclusion scheme in place on the High Street but lottery websites should offer Gamstop

If you feel you need help or to talk to someone about Lotteries, then please click the button below to see the links to care providers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Self-Exclusion is a self-help tool. You can ask a gambling operator to exclude you from gambling with them for a set length of time. Operators of gambling in Great Britain must offer this by law but the responsibility for adhering to the exclusion terms and conditions lies with you, the excluder. Responsibility for sticking with this lies with you, but you can expect the operator to do all they reasonably can to help you.
No, each scheme is separate and is managed by different sector body. If you do want to exclude from more than one sector you should register with the relevant schemes.
No, self-exclusion is a free self-help tool.
Your data is stored safely and securely and only shared, with your consent, to the venues from relating to your exclusion, and their group companies and central administrators. It will also be used to ensure you are removed from marketing databases.
No, self-exclusion will not show on any credit reports or searches.
Most schemes offer exclusions with a minimum term of 6 months and a maximum term of 12 months.
Each sector is quite different in the gambling it offers, each scheme is tailored to that sector.
No, Self-Exclusion can not be withdrawn.
An exclusion will remain live throughout the selected period then for a further 6 months, the review period. During that time you can request to return to gambling, which is then followed by a 24hr cooling off period, you can extend your exclusion or you can let the review period end, after which the scheme will remove your record and you can legally enter the premises again.
Yes, Exclusions can be extended at any time after the initial period has finished.
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